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About the Cedar Rapids Reds

“The Cedar Rapids Reds is a non-profit corporation that has been around since 1989 as an independent youth baseball organization. We believe in developing young men who can make an impact in our community. We strive to create knowledgeable players by teaching the fundamentals of the game and good sportsmanship. Respect is our priority: respect yourself, your teammates, your opponents, and your coaches. Our organization believes that ‘winning’ is not the emphasis, it’s the result.”

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Mission of the Cedar Rapids Reds

1.  Teach good fundamental baseball. Winning is the result, not the emphasis.

2.  Always run a class act. Credibility is key. Walk the talk.

3.  Take pride in the Reds organization and what you are trying to accomplish. The organization comes first over any individual team. Strength in unity.

4.  Constantly look to improve in all areas. The Reds is a great organization, but we need to continue to strive to improve.

5.  Provide each team with the best and safest equipment we can.

6.  Good sportsmanship. No public display of poor sportsmanship and/or frustration.

  • Absolutely no helmet and/or bat tossing by a player.

  • Only positive comments from parents and players—no negative comments directed at teams, players, or umpires.

  • Win in a quiet and confident manner. Act professional, eliminate revenge, and in-your-face demonstrations.

  • Absolutely no arguments with umpires.

  • Let the coaches do their jobs. Please no parent-coaching during games. The Pizza Rule applies.

7.  Players must be neat at all times. Players require a complete and appropriate clean uniform at all times. Shirts are to be tucked in and neat.

8.  Make an impact on the quality of baseball in all games and tournaments. Set a good example, raise the bar.

9.  Have at least one boy who has played with the Reds go on to play Major League Baseball. The Ultimate Goal!

10.  Winning shows a lot about a persons character and losing shows it all. Learn from both losses and mistakes.

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